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Sage Advice for All from Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall, Adwords Super Poobah, sent out an honest as dirt newsletter today in which he wisely proclaims:

You Only Have to Be Good at TWO Things!

Thank you, thank you. Now we can all let ourselves off the hook. Because if you’re like me–and judging by the comments he was racking up, plenty are–then you have lately spent more time scrambling around grasping at techniques, tips, cheats, and secrets than you know what to do with—literally.

I don’t know what to do with most of the….stuff I subscribe to. And I shouldn’t have to now that Perry has put out that advice, his bit of regular coaching and guiding. What I do have to be good at is web copywriting. AND reaching out and GETTING clients and customers. That’s it. And for you, same rules apply.

It’s appealing to think that you can nab up the next great marketing cheat or secret one-two punch and wake up tomorrow morning, flick on your computer and see a few freshly minted thousand dollars in your account. The guys selling you this are good at 2 things: the exact program they promote, be it StomperNet, Mass Control or whatever the testosterone-driven launch du jour may be,  and getting cash out of your pocket….

En masse they are like the offensive line.

If you’re learning web copywriting, then learn IT.

Remember, 2 things to master.

Perry Marshall’s website and blog is testimony to his expert-ness and his mastery of AdWords. Tons of stuff to crack open and learn from. If your inbox is slim on regular inspiration, I wholeheartedly recommend signing up for his newsletter or grabbing the RSS feed for his blog where the newsletter is simultaneously posted. See a copy of Perry Marshall’s, “You only have to be good at TWO things” blog post.

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Freelance Copywriting Daily Cash Flow


Freelance web copywriting is about earning an income, better with each passing year, just like any other  business. I picked up a great idea tip today from the Copywriters Roundtable newsletter (#409): how to lay out your daily work schedule so it begins with the leading goal: monetization. Here’s the ball on which you train your eye, and this trains you for focus and discipline.

It’s fairly common for freelancers to have more than one project or client to balance at a time. This can be interesting enough, but the real bugaboos are the extraneous interruptions we allow to creep into our daily workspace–the things that have me writing about procrastination and time management.

CR newsletter suggests you not only create a daily time management schedule–8-9 this, 9-12 this, then this, this and this….–but that you also plan your monetizing strategy for the day. When you work from 8-9 what are you earning? From 9-12 what billable income can you account for?

I suggest you go one step further: because many service providers like freelance web copywriters also promote business via blogs, newsletters, and other marketing (all of which require TIME investment) that you should allow smaller chunks of daily time in which to invest toward future earnings, cash flow, income.


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SEO Copywriting – StomperNet

If you’re into SEO copywriting or just want to get up to speed on the current trends then StomperNet is a crew of IM personalities you need to know. This group, spearheaded by Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins, is widely known in online circles for its spendy membership program that promises to give you SEO powers.

I’m not recommending one way or the other, btw. But what I can say about them is that of the IMers with mega launches and “hot” commodity marketing products, they frequently put out a bunch of freebie videos that actually do impart some actionable SEO stuff. Most of it the crack SEOs have been talking about for years–albeit not as dramatically as Andy Jenkins, who is the whiz at pulling together StomperGuy’s videos (they offer actionable information, but they are hardly information vids–luring you into a membership for their flagship Stomping the Search Engines training)

Two recent videos from research by Leslie Rohde, the group’s in-house SEO engineer cover the following:

Video #1 — he debunks the notion of LSI (LSI is Lame), or latent semantic indexing. He talks quickly, combines discrete math, linguistics and uses fairly large spread of vocabulary words in the video. You’d have to be a computer scientist to understand what he’s talking about and I studied data logic, matrices and discrete math. Hi basic gist is this: if you’re hitching your SEO strategy to LSI then you’re fighting a losing battle.

Video #2 — Rohde introduces what he has cleverly titled, Referential Integrity, really a strategy for holistic link-building naturally. In true StomperNet form the video cleverly maps out a really nice visual on how you should be using natural SEO in your site builds and it applies to webcopy as well, particularly if you have control over <title>Title Tag</title> and <meta name = “description” content = “Site description tag.”> as well as page headline and subheads, <h1>heading</h1> and <h2>subhead</h2>.

Title tag — for topic targeting

Heading/subheads– for topic targeting

Body– natural topic targeting AND inclusion of internal targeted text links

Top of page links

Navigation links

Footer links

Outside links–what he calls “confirmation.”

Now, LSI was JUMPED all over two and three years ago and much of its hype among IMers seems a bit tied to Andy and Brad. Here and here are sites that indicate previous permutations of the Stomper credo (back in 2006) included a call to action to use LSI or at least the suggestion that these guys mystically used LSI to naturally net thousands of links to their cash-generating sites.

I appreciate the clear visuals on the holistic linking, but this is pretty much standard material. I refer to a post on Aaron Wall’s SEOBook Blog in which he talks candidly about LSI versus a well-rounded natural SEO strategy to stay out of the mythic Sandbox and generally optimize your pages and sites for long-term SEO power.  And he wrote this in 2005!…If you want to learn SEO for marketing or copy or because it’s essential to doing business online, then I wholeheartedly recommend you try the SEOBook member’s-only SEO training program.

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Will a Mini PC, Small Form-Factor Notebook, aka Netbook, Suffice for Web Writing?

The era of mini notebook PCs is here, but can you viably use one for web copywriting, even if you own your own business?

First here’s what many mobile netbooks can do:

  • Word processing — absolute necessity
  • Handle emails and web surfing
  • Webcam and microphone for Skype and other communications
  • Include USB ports

That’s about it for the standard options you’ll find packed into an out of the box mini notebook. Beyond this you’ll need to upgrade. Also keyboards are small-ish and could take some getting used to.  Popular models come from Asus, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Dell and Lenovo. And prices range between $350 and $535.

OS’s and Features

Some netbooks are built on a Unix foundation and others on Windows. 8.9 inch screens are common, as are small keyboards. A few models feature full-size keyboards, though.

What these little packages likely cannot do:

  • Don’t expect any image editing or design software in the minis unless you really customize and then why bother–you’d just upgrade to a full-size laptop.
  • Not all models feature webcams and microphones
  • Bluetooth technology is not an across the board standard, either.

You could surely use a netbook to do a bulk of your business’s writing, but if you are a power user you might consideer using one for travel or as a supplement to a desktop or as support/backup to a full size laptop. Not everyone can afford multiple MacBook Pros…

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