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Why Craigslist is NOT a Job Source for Web Writers Anymore

The trouble with Craigslist…

For newish writers looking to break into web copy quickly and easily and even for serious writers, Craigslist has been, in the past, an occasionally viable go-to resource for immediate telecommuting writing “gigs” — until recently.

This Road Closed. Some very smarmy marketers are posting pell-mell what appear to be legit sounding freelance writing jobs–spinning well written and appealing freelance/telecommuting job postings that fire directly between the eyes of even experienced web copywriters. Ads, for all intents and purposes, claim to be from companies looking for seasoned freelance writers and promising nice rates per hour. But send an email inquiry to nearly any of these and often what you’ll get in return is a link that takes you to an affiliate landing page that’s selling a subscription-based “work at home writing jobs” scheme. “For just a few dollars a month we’ll give you unlimited access to all the best freelance work from home writing jobs you can handle….” There goes the neighborhood :(

Are you pissed off now? You spent time — SPENT being the operative term — attaching your resume, maybe selecting a few writing samples from your arsenal and writing up a short but compelling cover letter only to have it sucked down by some automated affiliate marketing, money grubbing funnel. (yes, I did)

My advice– start looking elsewhere for writing jobs. If you don’t have your resume and a full profile setup on or CareerBuilder, start now. Keep it fresh and tuned-up, set up job search filters with alerts to your email inbox.

NOTE: I actually landed my very first freelance writing gig through a web copywriting ad posted on Craigslist. It even paid well–GASP!, a rarity on CL–those were the good old days…

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