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Wolfram Finally Emerges from Fractal Chaos Theory to Slay all Research Tools

Steven Wolfram has been relegated to backroom mad scientist geekdom for decades. I originally discovered him when I went on a personal dig into the nature of fractal geometry. The guy must have 10 condensed brains packed into his skull tight as sardines. This is the guy that taught the Google founders a thing or two about order and math. And look where they’ve brought us. But, Wolfram/Alpha is poised to potentially blow the roof of everything we expected of search and discovery.

If you use search engines to data mine, research and count on authoritative data and results then you’re going to dig this…

The WolframAlpha Blog

Huge article by Nova Spivack on Tech Crunch, Wolfram Alpha Computes Answers to Big Questions. This is Going to Be Big.

Fractal example:

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