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Swiss Army Knife PLUS Data Backup and Fingerprint Encryption…Wow

I’m not sure why, but few web copywriters ever talk about sensible stuff like data backup. You have to have loved and lost writing files to really appreciate the value of some data tools I believe. I have lost…on more than one occasion, in fact.

In this month’s Wired magazine I was just wowed by the full-page spread on the soon to be released Victorinox (aka Swiss Army knife) Presentation Pro — combo knife-data must-have. Check it out, this ultimate tool put ultimate cool in data backup. Armed to the teeth:

knife blade


swiss army soldier's knife with data backup and built-in pen

file and flathead screwdriver


here’s the Mission-Impossible stuff….

Bluetooth remote

32 MB memory stick

Laser pointer

Fingerprint encrypted sensor (OMG….)

Does that get you salivating or what? All I want for Christmas….

Official release to the market is sometime this month and reports are that it will run you a cool $330. I can’t really find any good picture of it on the official site.

The image I have here is a shot of one of the V. Swiss Flash line of soldier knives–equally cool (1-16 GB flash drive, and models armed with laser pointers and ball point pens), and at a price any web copywriter can afford (<$25 to $145), you just won’t get the fingerprint sensor….:(

Victorinox Swissflash Flight 2GB Ruby Multi-Tool

Victorinox Swissflash 16GB Ruby Multi-Tool

I’ll add a product link to the new V Presentation Pro 32 MB Multi-tool (fingerprint encryption so you can be as rugged-cool writing and presenting as Jason Statham (Transporter, T-2, T-3, Crank, Crank High Voltage…))

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